• Waldgeist Issues, Questions & Answers

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    Dealing Death to the Death-Blossoms
    In summary, you need to use certain towers (such as Laser Towers) to hammer them.  The idea behind them is that they evolved to respond to the threats the Imoons has faced, thus as the towers the Insectocytes have faced the most were ones such as the Machine Gun Tower and the Mortar Towers, they are the ones to trigger the Death Blossoms.  Whereas towers like Laser Towers (and others like Arclight and Particle Cannon Towers) appeared much less so the Insectocytes don’t see them as much of a threat (there is a clue to this in the Tech & Creature Library).  Other tactics include; placing lots of cheap towers around them to deliberately trigger the death blossoms to explode and/or to place lots of blocking towers way in front of the combat towers so when they explode the blocking towers take the brunt of the damage.Here’s an example of that in action; here and here.

    Taking Command
    Command skills are your friend!  Use the Income option on lower waves and less powerful creatures to boost your income.  Switch to Armour when faced with an onslaught on your towers.  Switch to Income and/or Attack Damage when you face waves with Insectocytes that can damage your towers.  Switch often and to your advantage!

    Know Where to Pick a Fight
    The following new trophies – Luddite Trophy, Banker Trophy, Insectocyte Juggler, Neophile Trophy, Purple Heart – can be unlocked on any of the levels; original Agamemnon to Lotan, Walgeist variation of Agamemnon to Lotan, or the new Waldgeist levels Menja to Rabisu. Pick the best level/s to give you the best chance to achieve them.  All the trophy information from Savage Moon and Waldgeist is here.

    Finding the Waldgeist Levels
    Also if you are having trouble finding the new levels – in the level select screen go left to access them.  We also re-structured the normal/vengence mode stuff so that we could fit more in and you now select the versions of each level in the level select menu.

    Flying Insectocyte Trails
    Note – we’ve added the ability to see the flying Insectocyte paths which is toggled on/off by R3.

    Videos of Level Gameplay
    If you want a hand, or simply want to see how others are approaching the levels, there are a few videos here (Thanks to the uploaders dbs85262, Katanalein, fofefl, frollard & m00nr4id3r);

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