• Waldgeist Released!

    After long months of development and testing we are really pleased to announce that the first Savage Moon downloadable content; ‘Waldgeist’ is now available for download from the PlaySation Store.  Savage Moon: Waldgeist adds 6 new level settings, new Insectocytes, new tower types and new versions of the 12 existing levels from Agamemnon to Lotan – all playable both in normal and vengeance mode.

    As the Insectocytes have evolved, so new threats have surfaced: the Death Blossom Insectocyte; a deadly evolution that carries within itself a payload of beautiful but lethal missiles.  It responds to being in range of towers it considers a threat by detonating itself and launching it’s cruel cargo.Screenshot3 A new sub-species of Insectocytes have emerged using photochromic biological adaptations, similar to those found on native Terran species such as the chameleon or the cuttlefish. They have acquired the ability to adapt their skin colour across a wide spread of the electromagnetic spectrum, rendering them invisible to all normal towers’ targeting systems.

    But the technology available to commanders has also advanced – one of the new tower types is the Arclight tower, harnessing the power of thunder storms to unleash arcs of killer lighting towards the Insectocyte targets, which then leaps onto other enemy units within range.

    Screenshot 2We are also patching the existing game; fans of the game have been great at giving us feedback and in response we’ll be tweaking the gameplay balance, adding a new mode that allows the player to view the flight-path of airborne Insectocytes as well as adding a difficulty level via the ‘Training Mode’, where players can enjoy the game with a few key statistics toned down so they can relax a little more in the face of the Insectocyte onslaught!

    Thanks again to all those who’ve sent us comments and suggestions – we hope you enjoy the latest invasion!

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