• Which Comes First: the Penguin or the Gun?

    I can only talk about the world as I see it: So I can only talk from the position of a mother with a nine year old daughter. I’m not trying to make any great claims, it’s just what I observe. I don’t know if things would be different if I had given birth to a boy.

    My daughter is a healthy consumer of computer games in a variety of forms. I say healthy as she consumes them in small amounts every now and again, and for at least half of the time with her friends. So she is a social gamer in that wider sense; she does it to be sociable.

    Her favourite games at the moment involve dancing; madly matching the movements of an on-screen avatar, and running around trying to keep a host of hungry penguins satisfied. I’ve never seen her running around a landscape with a gun. In fact I can’t ever remember her playing a game which involves killing anything. I will leave our games out of this discussion since there was a small amount of coersion involved in that particular engagement :)

    I wonder what the experience of a mother with a young boy is. Are the games they play the same? At what age do their sons hang up their dancing shoes and pick up their ground-to-air missile launchers? Certainly many of the older boys I know do play games involving heavy weaponry. Was there a moment in their lives when their behaviour changed? Or were these the games they progressed to when they became consumers of “serious” games?

    As I said at the beginning I don’t have a point to make other than to question how and when dancing becomes forgotten in favour of the more serious pursuit of war.

    By Anakissed

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