FluffyLogic is an independent computer games developer based in central Bristol, UK. We specialise in making fun, people-centred games and apps for console and mobile devices. Our previous clients include Sony Computer Entertainment, Lucas Arts, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and THQ Wireless. Our releases include Star Wars: Battle for Hoth (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch), Eat Them! (PS3) and the cult tower-defense game Savage Moon (PS3/PSP).

We have written and consulted extensively on media related issues including commissions for The Independent newspaper and consultancy for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

We specialise in bringing together core creative understanding and new media practice to make fun, exciting, people-centred products.

The Directors

Ana Kronschnabl

Ana began a career in business management in 1987, when she set up and ran a video production company; clients included Ford UK and the NUS. Since then she has worked at the BBC & Granada as well as in further education. Following work as Research Fellow in Digital Content Creation at UWE, Ana established FluffyLogic in November 2003 and it has grown in size and reputation since then! Ana is currently finishing a PhD in content creation for delivery over new distribution platforms and has a degree in Film and Theatre and an MA in Television Production.

Ana is the co-author of “PlugInTurnOn: A Guide to Filmmaking for the Internet“. Published by Marion Boyars Publishers (May 2004) and set up plugincinema.com, one of the earliest independent sites devoted to the creation and distribution of films for the Internet. Ana enjoys VJing, singing, Runequest, House of the Dead, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War and making stained glass.

Ana is on twitter at: twitter.com/anakisssed

Will Bolam

Will graduated from Bristol University in 2001 with a degree in mathematics and began a career in computer games programming the same year. He worked as a programmer for Rage Games and then Dangerous Games in Bristol for 2 years, before moving to the south coast to work for Climax Games at their Solent Studio. During this time he worked on games for PC, XBox and PS2 and more recently has worked on titles for PSP and PS3, all written in C++. Will has worked on a number of commercial websites, and is proficient in PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML, CSS and XML. He has also done low level work with audio and video codecs using C, C++ and MFC, and also has experience with C#, Basic, Pascal and Unix.

Will considers himself a Poker demon, but given that he works at FluffyLogic for free, having lost in an all night session to the rest of the core team with a busted flush, the jury is still out on that one…