Killer Plants from Outer Space

Get ready to do battle with the genetically spliced Killer Plants, created by your greatest enemy… your wife!

From the creators of Savage Moon comes Killer Plants from Outer Space: a new reverse tower defense strategy game for Playstation Home. Take on the role of Professor Fred Jean, bio-mechanical engineer extraordinaire, to overcome the hoards of killer plants skilfully created by Ginger, your enemy and wife. You have one advantage over Ginger; you can spawn up to 18 different creature combinations, each with special abilities and functions.

On a mission to find new subjects for their gene-splicing, bio-mech manipulations, Fred and Ginger Jean, husband and wife, crash their spaceship. Stranded on opposite ends of the Crab Nebula, they both determine to prove their case. Fred befriends the local fauna, instantly adding to and enhancing their natural defences. Ginger splices plant DNA, flora already adapted for fighting…and winning!

Issued with your very own flying saucer; the Scout Ship, you take on 5 terrifying plant species scattered across 10 alien landscapes. Collect Power-Ups along the way to heal, speed up, disrupt plant, teleport plant or upgrade creature’s existing abilities. Purchase faster spaceships and powerful bug types to give you the upper hand in combat as you traverse the glowing Nazca lines.

Game Strategy

The game strategy lies in deciding which type of creature to use to evade your wife’s evil plant species. Each level requires you to get a certain number of creatures to the end of the Nazca lines. This must be achieved within the allotted number of waves.

Upgrade your space ship and liveries, check your inventory and view unlocked bugs in the Hangar Screen

Game Features

Killer Plants from Outer Space features a wealth of Home Awards (see Home Rewards tab). Win Awards to gain cool Killer Plants items for your avatar and your apartment. Other features of the game include a global hi-score table for each level. There are also two game modes; classic and endless. In endless mode (like Vengeance mode in Savage Moon) there are no limit on the number of waves for the ultimate hi-score.

Deploy the Earth bug to draw enemy fire away from weaker bugs!


There are 6 different types of creature at your disposal, with each type having 3 varieties; light, heavy and flying. These creatures have the following abilities which can be upgraded using Power-Ups:

  • Power

    These are you basic worker bugs. They collect Power when they pass over a Power Point. Power is the equivalent of currency; the more Power you have, the more creatures you can spawn. When upgraded they collect more Power.

  • Earth

    The Earth bug is a heavy beast. Armored to the hilt, they can take more damage than all of the other creatures. They are great for heading a wave of creatures to draw enemy fire. When upgraded they transfer protection to nearby creatures.

  • Fire

    These can flame nearby plants causing some serious damage. A few fire attacks can even destroy a plant with low health status. When upgraded their fire attack does more damage and sets fire to plants for a period of time.

  • Ice

    These creatures do damage by freezing nearby plants for a period of time. They are particularly useful at temporarily disabling any attacking plants. When upgraded they do more damage for a longer period of time.

  • Water

    These have the ability to divide into multiple, smaller creatures when their health status reaches zero. Each one that reaches the end of the level counts towards the total number required per level. When upgraded they can be divided at any point in the wave.

  • Crystal

    These emit a crystal shield that protects any creatures within its range. The size of the shield diminishes as it takes damage. When upgraded they have a larger shield which takes more damage.

Win Awards to gain cool Killer Plants items for your avatar and your apartment. The available Awards are:

Killer Plants Rookie

Awarded for completing the tutorial

Bio Tech Manipulator

Awarded for upgrading 20 bugs

Killer Plants Champion

Awarded for completing all levels


Awarded for completing levels 1-5 without attacking any plants


Awarded for destroying every plant of levels 1-5

Power Hungry

Awarded for activating every Power Pool on every level.

Flight Specialist

Awarded for completing every level using only flying bugs

Ground Specialist

Awarded for completing every level using only ground bugs


Awarded for helping 100 bugs escape on a single level in Endless Mode.


Power creatures have a specialism; they gather Power from sparkling pools along the Nazca lines. Collect Power to spawn more creatures.

Fire creatures are one of your most ruthless. Use them to raze plants to the ground!

Ice creatures are a real nuisance for Ginger; they freeze and damage her precious plants, rendering them useless for a few valuable seconds.

Crystal creatures form a shield around themselves to protect nearby friends; sometimes the difference between life and death!

Earth creatures are like tanks: they can withstand a lot of damage. Spawn them at the front of a wave to take the heat off nearby allies.

Water creatures are survivors; in death they become even stronger and multiply the threat to Ginger’s precious plant-life.

Lighter creatures are smaller and faster. Heavy creatures are larger and slower, but their resilience changes accordingly.

Flying creatures are useful and fast but watch out for the anti-air plant!


Some plants have a high rate of fire and attack creatures both on the ground and in the air.

Some of Ginger’s plant-life inflict a lot of damage and can pierce the armour of your creatures but not if they are shielded.

Some of Ginger’s flora can create damage over a large area, your fast creatures will stand the best chance of escaping these mortar plants.

Some plants have been bred to specialise and only attack your flying creatures; beware the power of these anti-air plants.

There are some plants that will sprinkle your creature with spikes: slowing its progress, making it more vulnerable.


Endless mode is unlocked after completing a few levels; see how long you can survive!

Explore the whole battlefield and plan your next move wisely…

Supplies to help your creatures survive and succeed could appear anywhere, at any time; look for the ‘New Package’ message.

Power pools deplete as your creatures collect Power from them. Don’t worry as they will re-charge over time. It’s always worth trying different routes to get the most Power availble.

Only some of the creatures types are unlocked as you progress through the levels. There are other creatures with special abilities that are only available in the store.

The Windrush ship is the fastest. Increase its speed with Go-Faster Stripes available in the store.

The Behemoth ship can carry more Power-Ups than your basic ship. Increase its speed with Go-Faster Stripes available in the store.


Use the Disrupt Plant Power-Up to make Ginger’s plants turn on each other!

If you have a plant that is proving tiresome you can move it somewhere else by using your Teleport Plant Power-Up. But beware, its replacement could be worse!

Although not the most intelligent species you have ever encountered, your creatures are loyal and friendly. You can keep them alive by using the Heal Bug Power-Up!

Use your Reconfigure Bug Power-Up to really turn the tide and choose alternative creatures to enter the fray.

The Speed Bug Power-Up will accelerate your creature for a period of time. Perfect for dodging nasty mortar plants.

Use the Leech Power-Up to get extra Power from the Power pools. If you need even more it can be easily obtained from the store.

Routes can be switched using the Beacon Power-Up.


There are three different ability upgrades for your creatures:

  • Upgrade Bug Speed – will speed up your creature
  • Upgrade Bug Health – will increase your creature’s health
  • Upgrade Bug Ability – will increase your creature’s special ability (for example use this to increase the damage done to Ginger’s plants when using your Fire creature)

Ability upgrades are added in the spawn creature menu. Individual and bundled ability upgrades are available in the store.


If you no longer need the information in the tutorial disable it in the options menu.

Try using the alternative camera views available in the options menu. You can even get the Pilot’s view available from the store.

Look for the full High Scores table in the options menu.

Visit the Hanger to see the range of ships you have available but remember there are more, with upgraded abilities in the store.

Look for the Rewards you have achieved so far on the Awards screen. Every Award you get will unlock cool items for your apartment and your avatar!

This game plays very well and I am surprised to find it in Home and not as a downloaded game from the PSN store. You can very much tell that it’s made by the same people that made Savage Moon as it seems these types of games are their specialty. Graphically it’s pretty good and control wise it’s smooth and fairly easy to learn. ~ PSHome Gazette