Star Wars: Battle for Hoth

After months of hard word and watching and re-watching the Hoth Battle scenes in the Empire Strikes Back; we’re really pleased to say that the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch game ‘Star Wars: The Battle for Hoth’ is out now in the iTunes Store for only $1.99. The Lite version is also available here.

The game published by THQ Wireless, is of the tower defence genre set on the ice world of Hoth and inspired by the classic battle scene in the film.  In this game you are the commander of the Rebel forces trying to stop the Imperial forces from reaching the main Shield Generators before the Rebel fleet has escaped.

The game features:

  • 15 action-packed levels of combat for control of the ice planet Hoth
  • 2 gameplay modes, Classic & Fortress for added replay value
  • Difficulty settings to enable you to control the level of challenge
  • Original music and sounds effects from the movies
  • Original video footage that brings the story to life
  • Target-control command for all Rebel units
  • Weapons and units from the Star Wars universe including AT-ST and AT-AT Walkers, Snowspeeders, DF.9 Anti-Infantry Batteries, Ion Cannons, X-Wing Fighters and Laser Cannons.
  • OpenFeint support with leader-boards and achievements for extra replay value (also allows connection to Facebook and Twitter).

It is localised into English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Danish. Battle for Hoth features video and audio from the original film and sound design by the highly commended Parasite.

“When we were asked to do a game based in the Star Wars universe, we felt really honoured. This was a great opportunity and we wanted to give the project the care and sensitivity such a fantastic film deserved. The 30th anniversary is important, it felt like our tribute to a film that we’ve grown up with and one that we hold very dear to our hearts. At FluffyLogic, we all knew what the game had to contain; Snowspeeders, AT-ATs and a sense of menace!” – Ana Kronschnabl (Producer/CEO FluffyLogic)

There are also more news stories about this game here, here, here and here.  There is a video of the gameplay here.  We also did an interview about the game which you can find here. The future of the Rebel Alliance is in your hands. You are their only hope!


7/10 – VideoGamer

Battle for Hoth is certainly an interesting take on the formula, adding speed and fluidity to the experience while retaining the core sense of strategy. Star Wars fans will drop the cash on it regardless, but there’s enough here to satisfy the urges of serious tower defence players too.

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4/5 – 148Apps

If you are a fan of Star Wars, pick the game up because you have to…

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This is a help guide for playing Star Wars: The Battle for Hoth on iPhone.  The aim of the game is to protect your base on Hoth, and build up your defences. The Imperial units arrive at one end of the screen (generally the left) and aim to exit at the other side (generally the right).  Each Imperial unit that exits the level will damage your base.  Bigger units cause more damage to your base than smaller ones.  To defend your base you must build Rebel units.  Each unit built costs you Command Points. As your forces destroy waves of Imperial units, you will see Command Point tokens appear.  Collect the tokens for additional Command Points.

Building Units

To build, touch the required build icon (1, below) and drag and drop the selected unit onto the playing area (2, below). More units are added to the menu as the game progresses.  The positioning of your units is key to success.  The Imperial units all have zones of fine – areas that the unit can easily target.  The zone of fire depends on the type and range of the unit.  Positioning your units so they can shoot at the enemy while taking minimal damage themselves is a key strategy.

Command Points

Destroying an entire wave releases a Command Point token, simply touch the token to collect. Earn bonus command points by collecting more than one token in a single movement. The bonus increases if you collect three or four or more, but be quick – token values diminish over time.

Power Generators

All Rebel units, except Soldiers, require power to operate. To supply them with power it is necessary to build Power Generators within range of your combat units. Power Generators supply a fixed amount of power and can supply more units with power as they are upgraded.  However, some units require more power as they are upgraded, so you may also need to upgrade the Power Generators as you upgrade them. Green lights at the bottom of each unit represent its power status. Bright green means the unit has enough power, dark green means the unit does not have enough power.  Units without enough power will not operate until they are supplied with the required power.  When you select a Power Generator the HUD will display lines to indicate which units it is supplying with power.


Use trenches to funnel the Imperial Forces into kill-zones. Drag-and-drop the trench icon from the build menu to start a trench, and then touch the screen again to set the end point. A trench will be built between the start and end points, providing that the trench does not pass through high ground or other units, and that you have enough Command Points for each section. Soldiers in trenches gain a defensive bonus, but other Rebel units cannot be placed in trenches. AT-ATs can destroy trenches, but all other Imperial ground units are forced to move around them. However, note that you cannot block the route across the map completely.


Improve Rebel units by upgrading them. To upgrade, select a unit then select the Upgrade Icon. The cost of the upgrade will then be deducted from your Command Points. Each Rebel unit has 4 levels of upgrade. Depending on the unit, upgrading can increase the range, damage and power needs of a unit.  Selling an upgraded unit refunds half the total Command Points spent on the unit.  Many units have their range improved by upgrading – this is a key tactic to allow your units to shoot the Imperial forces before they can damage your defences.

Fortress Mode

As you complete each level, you will unlock the Fortress Mode version. In this mode you only have a set amount of Command Points and will gain no more throughout the level. Can you complete the level with the limited resources available?  In Fortress Mode, the Command Point tokens are replaced with points tokens – collecting these adds points to your final score.  You will need to use different tactics for Fortress Mode; shock-and-awe concentration of fire is recommended.

Target Priority

You can command the Target Priority of units. By default units Target Closest to Base (1), Units can also Target Weakest/Strongest first (2) or Flying/Ground-based first (3). This can be done per unit or globally (4).  It is especially useful to set units that can target TIE Fighters to prioritise them over ground units, as they move fast and your forces have less time to attack them.

Hints and Tips

Here are some hints and tips to help you command your forces on Hoth:

  • Placement of units is key; look to see where the Imperial units are moving, build trenches to funnel them and place combat units to shoot at them where they are less able to shoot at you.
  • Protect your better units by placing cheaper units in front of them to act as a screen to soak up Imperial fire.
  • Concentrating your fire is a good strategy as it can kill the Imperial units before they have a chance to return fire.
  • Touch the next wave icon (bottom-left of screen) to see the next unit types that will attack and build your defences appropriately.
  • Build X-wing units on levels with lots of TIE Fighter attacks.
  • Once your units become critically damaged, sell them before they are killed so you can recoup some of the Command Point costs of building them.
  • Ion cannons are great – especially when upgraded – so make use of them!
  • Building long chicanes of trenches is a great way of slowing faster moving units like Speeder Bikes.
  • AT-ATs are large powerful units; but they do have weaknesses; Build Snowspeeder towers and upgrade to level 4 – they are then able to use their tow-cable against the AT-ATs. In addition, place units in their targeting blind-spots during the battle.