UrZoo is a new social game by FluffyLogic.

UrZoo is FluffyLogic’s upcoming free-to-play social game. With its bright art style and easy to understand gameplay it is a game that will appeal to all age groups and provide hours of fun for anyone.

UrZoo puts you in control of your own zoo, giving you the freedom to make decisions on everything, from what animals to keep to how many hot dog stands to operate. Play with friends and even breed your own species of animal in this unique zoo simulator.

Game Features:

  • Concoct New Species- Breed your favourite animals together to make youself a new species, then sell it to your friend’s zoo!
  • Facebook Integration- Play with your Facebook friends and check out each other’s zoos. Help them out and maybe trade an animal or two.
  • Manage and Maintain- Manage your zoo intelligently and keep your animals happy to attract as many visitors to your zoo as possible . After all, no one goes to the zoo to see a sad panda!
  • Create Your Vision- Decide on everything in your zoo; from the animals and facilities, to the colour of the flowers. You’re free to pick everything.
  • Redecorate- Make your zoo unique with a wide range of decorative items. From victorian lamp-posts to top hats for your elephants!
  • Challenge- Over 75 different challenges to complete from launch, with more to be added in the future. Complete tasks to gain experience and unlock more features.
UrZoo will be released in Summer 2012 for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android.

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UrZoo Social Game Music Competition

FluffyLogic, the studio that brought you the highly addictive tower-defence strategy game Savage Moon and the city-smashing monster mayhem in Eat Them! to PlayStation3, invites you to create some original music for their new social game UrZoo.

The lucky winner’s music will feature in the game and their name will appear in the game credits!

A bit about UrZoo:

UrZoo is a zoo game like no other! It is a social game that enables you to build your own zoo – feed your animals, grow crops, run gift shops, hot-dog stands, sit in the park, and even decorate your animals…but most importantly, you get to breed your animals! And not just elephants…it allows you to breed your elephants with your pandas – and your flamingos with your alligators!

UrZoo is a freemium game aimed at different types of gamers, from the hardcore to the casual: with something for everyone. It will be released later on this year for iOS platforms, although a Facebook version may also be in the works.


A bit about the music:

The music for UrZoo can be any style you think would fit the atmosphere of a zoo. It must be catchy, easy on the ears and most of all, FUN!

Competition Rules:

  • Music must be no more than 3 minutes long
  • Music must be loop-able
  • Music must be WAV (16bit 44.1khz), AIF or 320kbps MP3 format
  • Entries must use original music and source samples (unless rights are given by the originator)
  • Music file must be titled “UrZoo Social Game Music Competition – Artist – Track name”
  • Submissions: A link to the music must be emailed to ana@fluffylogic.net, include artists name and contact details….PLEASE DO NOT ATTACH YOUR MUSIC TO THE EMAIL!
  • All entries must be submitted by Monday 18th August 2011.
  • Entries can be used by FluffyLogic for promotional purposes. Artist(s) will be credited accordingly.

Press Release: FluffyLogic takes freemium game ‘UrZoo’ to Develop Conference (10/07/2012)


Click on images for larger sizes.

FluffyLogic's Ur Zoo - Panda Enclosure

FluffyLogic's UrZoo – Panda Enclosure

FluffyLogic's Ur Zoo - Lion Enclosure

FluffyLogic's UrZoo – Lion Enclosure

FluffyLogic's Ur Zoo - Giraffe Enclosure

FluffyLogic's UrZoo – Giraffe Enclosure

FluffyLogic's Ur Zoo - 1280 x 720 pixels

FluffyLogic's UrZoo – 1280 x 720 pixels

FluffyLogic's Ur Zoo - 1280 x 1024 pixels

FluffyLogic's UrZoo – 1280 x 1024 pixels

FluffyLogic's Ur Zoo - 1920 x 1084 pixels

FluffyLogic's UrZoo – 1920 x 1084 pixels