FluffyLogic does all sorts of stuff. Here you can find some sample projects that we have worked on and more information about them. If you wish to be kept up-to-date with developments at FluffyLogic, please sign up to our mailing list.

  • South West Screen / Bath Spa University

    Open source peer-to-peer technology.

  • Video Vortex Conference Brussels
    Argos Arts

    Digital convergence & cross-media platforms.

  • HP Labs Bristol
    HP Mediascape Wizard

    Interactive website for HP Labs Mediascape project.

  • FluffyLogic Research Project

    Researching the exhibition and distribution of web films.

  • Swindon Borough Council
    Flux Mobile Media

    Media on the move in Swindon’s Flux Media Bus.

  • Mobile Bristol / Bristol University
    Mobile Bristol

    Researching mobile devices & pervasive technology.

  • Green Bristol
    Green Bristol

    Interactive green mapping project for Bristol.

  • Hartcliffe Community School
    A Hartcliffe Story

    Using digital media to create a strange & chaotic tale.

  • Creative Bristol / Electric Pavilion
    90 Second Challenge

    What can you convey in 90 seconds?