CatBot is an open source system created by FluffyLogic. The system is designed for easy distribution of large files using peer-to-peer technology (p2p). A peer-to-peer system (aka file trading system) is a method of exchanging data that combines the networked, distributive power of each individual computer to enable an interconnected mesh of network bandwidth.

This is part of a plan for creating a system to unlock the creative archive of the South West by enabling institutions (in the first instance) to free their media files for distribution. It is intended that this network consist of a number of interlocking elements with the common factors that they be easy to implement, easy to use and free. It would place the control of content distributed in the hands of individual people and institutions.

The system consists of a network of peer-to-peer sites, all using a common system. CatBot is currently a collaborative project between FluffyLogic, Knowledge West, South West Screen, BMEX, Bristol University, Bath Spa University, the University of Gloucestershire and the University of the West of England.

The CatBot p2p Project is now part of the FluffyLogic archive.