HP Mediascape Wizard

FluffyLogic created the Mediascape Wizards website for Hewlett Packard as well as a few games (Mediascapes) to get you started . The website we created was a user-generated-content system that allowed anyone to build their own mediascape.

A Mediascape is an interactive experience with text, images, audio and video in which your iPAQ communicates with you about locations (via GPS). Mediascapes can be games, experiences, guides or tools – whatever the user wishes them to be! The site, along with an iPAQ and its GPS connection, will allow the easy and quick creation of a unique mediascape for sharing with family, friends, colleagues and the the rest of the WWW.

The Mediacape wizard that was created by FluffyLogic was part of the technology used by Create-a-scape, which won the Education category of the News Statesman New Media Award in 2007.