plugincinema is a FluffyLogic project. It is a website dedicated to the exhibition, distribution and discussion of web films – that is films made for the internet or for lower-bandwidth distribution. The site has been going for over six years and as a result of the experience and insight gained from it, has spawned the worlds first book dedicated to web films: Plug In & Turn On: A Guide to Internet Filmmaking (Published by Marion Boyars).

The site has a blog, updated by Ana and Tomas, with interesting links and issues that relate to digital video and the internet. It is also a forum that is being used by FluffyLogic and others to explore wider questions around film, interactivity and democratising media; current topics include Open Source media and an exploration of Diegetic Media, an approach to unifying media that exists on different platforms. plugincinema has its own mailing list. If you wish to be kept up-to-date with the developments of plugincinema, please sign up to the plugincinema mailing list.

Update: The book is now available as a free PDF!