• Which Comes First: the Penguin or the Gun?

    I can only talk about the world as I see it: So I can only talk from the position of a mother with a nine year old daughter. I’m not trying to make any great claims, it’s just what I observe. I don’t know if things would be different if I had given birth to a boy.

    My daughter is a healthy consumer of computer games in a variety of forms. I say healthy as she consumes them in small amounts every now and again, and for at least half of the time with her friends. So she is a social gamer in that wider sense; she does it to be sociable.

    Her favourite games at the moment involve dancing; madly matching the movements of an on-screen avatar, and running around trying to keep a host of hungry penguins satisfied. I’ve never seen her running around a landscape with a gun. In fact I can’t ever remember her playing a game which involves killing anything. I will leave our games out of this discussion since there was a small amount of coersion involved in that particular engagement :)

    I wonder what the experience of a mother with a young boy is. Are the games they play the same? At what age do their sons hang up their dancing shoes and pick up their ground-to-air missile launchers? Certainly many of the older boys I know do play games involving heavy weaponry. Was there a moment in their lives when their behaviour changed? Or were these the games they progressed to when they became consumers of “serious” games?

    As I said at the beginning I don’t have a point to make other than to question how and when dancing becomes forgotten in favour of the more serious pursuit of war.

    By Anakissed

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  • UrZoo New(ish) Name Announced

    After many long nights of deliberation and trawling through all of the suggestions you sent in for our new social game, the FluffyLogic team have decided to go with the original name UrZoo – mainly because you all seemed to really like it :) …go Seb! ;) . We have, however, added a little surprise that will literally make the new game your Zoo; on loading UrZoo for the first time, you will be asked to enter a name of your choosing. The given name will then appear every time you play UrZoo!

    We would like to thank all of you who sent in suggestions for our new game! Head over to our Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/UrZoo were we will post updates, wallpaper, competitions and more!

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  • Competition To Name New Game

    We are all very excited about our new game UrZoo here at the at the Fluffy ranch, however, we don’t think the name is quite right. After the massive success of the Eat Them competition (winners to be announced imminently!) we thought we would ask our Fluffy Fans to come up with the name.

    The game will involve growing, feeding and breeding your very own animals in your very own zoo. Players will be able to create some of the most unbelievable species so far undiscovered by mankind!

    Send your suggestions via our Contact page by the 3rd May 2011 and we will announce the winner shortly afterwards. The winner will have the satisfaction of knowing that their name will be immortalised as well as having their name in the credits of the game as the Namer! We look forward to your entries.

    Watch this space for insights into the development process as well as more competitions and prize giveaways!

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