• Savage Moon Waldgeist in Development

    FluffyLogic is really happy to announce that we are currently in development of new downloadable content (DLC) for the PlayStation3 game Savage Moon.  Code named ‘Waldgeist’ – this is an ancient German name for a forest spirit, and it reflects the lush organic feel to the new Imoons, and shows the how the Insectocytes have been evolving to meet new threats.  We have been working on it for a few months now, but waiting for the official announcement from Sony, and now it has come we can say a little more about it! -  Waldgeist includes 6 new levels, new Insectocytes, new tower types and 12 new versions of the existing levels from Agamemnon to Lotan.  One of the new threats the player will face is the Death Blossom Insectocyte; a deadly evolution that carries within itself a payload of beautiful but deadly missiles.  It responds to being in range of towers it considers a threat by detonating itself and launching it’s lethal cargo.  One of the new tower types is the Arclight tower, harnessing the power of the thunder storm to unleash arcs of killer lighting towards the insectocyte targets, which then leaps onto other enemy units within range.

    There will also be a few other improvements; fans of the game have been great at giving us feedback and in response we’ll be tweaking the gameplay balance, adding a new mode that allows the player to view the flight-path of airborne Insectocytes and the addition of a difficulty level via the ‘Training Mode’, where players can enjoy the game with a few key statistics toned down so they can relax a little more in the face of the Insectocyte onslaught!

    We’ve been really pleased with the critical, sales and most importantly, fan response to the game and hope that this DLC will build more challenge, explosions and fun into the game coming soon…

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  • Savage Moon revealed at Leipzig Games Convention.

    For months now FluffyLogic have been working on a game for Sony’s PlayStation3 and the news is finally out! Announced at the Liepzig games show, this PS3 tower defence strategy game sees you protecting a remote off-world mining facility from a constant attack of ravenous space bugs (the Insectocytes). Armed with an array of upgradable defensive weapons, your mission is to strategically place the weapons, which range from rapid-fire machine guns to an intimidating chaos tower destructing any bugs threatening your base.

    The game released for download from PSN in November and has received a good response from a number of the top game websites:

    ‘This sounds like it could be a very entertaining action/strategy title, and another good one for the Store.’ PSX Extreme

    ‘For those of you that were curious as to what the mysterious Savage Moon would entail, Sony did not disappoint when revealing the game in Leipzig today.’ Playstation Universe

    …and also a good preview on Gamespot. and a video on GameTrailers.

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