• Develop Conference 2012

    FluffyLogic will be attending this year’s Develop Conference in Brighton. Ana, Will and Armin will be in there for the 11th and 12th of July. If you want to meet up with FluffyLogic then please contact armin@fluffylogic.net about setting up an appointment.

    Delegates at the conference can read Ana’s monthly column in the July issue of Develop magazine, which will be provided upon registration.

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  • The Sound of Money

    In Novemeber Develop Online ran a feature by Armin Elsaesser, the sound designer for UrZoo. In the article he asks: Does working for free devalue the game audio profession? Is it detrimental to game composers? Is music you get for free not as good as music you pay for?

    So does giving away your music for free devalue it? You could argue that if you gave all of your work away for free as you would never make a living. That is pretty obvious. But if you ask most well-established composers both within the games industry, and outside, how they got noticed, the answer that comes back is unsurprisingly that they gave their music away for nothing. In doing so they found that producers who liked what they heard called them back and offered them paid work.
 On the flip side, nothing could come of giving your music away for free. But if you don’t give it a go, you will never find out.

    Read the full article here: develop-online.net/features/1486/Paid-the-price82328232

    You can listen to some of Armin’s video game music here: soundcloud.com/arminelsaesser

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  • Women in Games at Develop 2010

    Currently in its 6th year, the Women in Games group held a free session at the Develop
    2010 conference on 15th July in Brighton. This session was open to members of the public
    who were interested in the issues surrounding women in the games industry.

    Ana Kronschnabl, CEO of FluffyLogic was part of the Women in Games panel at Develop Conference in 2010 as was asked to contribute to the International Journal of Gender, Science & Technology Special of Women in Games.

    Ana Kronschnabl is quoted as saying:

    The Women in Games event was full and buzzing. There were more women
    in the room involved in games development than I had believed existed in
    the entire universe, well the UK anyway. Certainly, if you wandered round
    the conference in general, you would be forgiven for thinking there were
    almost no women involved in games production at all.

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