• FluffyLogic to Speak at Develop 2010 Conference

    We’re really happy to be speaking at the Develop 2010 Conference. We’ll be speaking on Thursday 15th July at 4-5pm in The Den. Our talk is ‘Why are Games Sequels So Often Better Than Film Sequels and What This Can Teach Us About the Development Cycle‘; It is an oft quoted true-ism that the original of a film is best with sequels often failing to capture the magic of the original. Examples like The Blues Brothers followed by The Blues Brothers 2000 or The Matrix followed by The Matrix Reloaded spring to mind. Yet is seems to be the opposite with games; it is easy to think of games whose sequel is equal, or indeed better, than the original – Fallout to Fallout 2, GTA to Vice City and beyond, Call of Duty to Modern Warfare 2. Ana (a film maker) and Tomas (a games designer) talk about why this is the case: why is a film better the first time around?

    Hope to see you there!

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  • FluffyLogic Talk at Brighton Develop Conference

    FluffyLogic’s Ana and Tom will be in Brighton for this years Develop Conference to deliver a talk on ‘Diegetic Media‘.  The talk will take place on Thursday 16th from 4-5pm in the Den.  The talk will look at the idea of viewing all of our creations; film, game, website etc. as a totality.  In film studies, the diegetic world is one that refers to all we see as well as all additional information that makes the world coherent and sensible: it contains all that the audience needs to understand the story.  The talk will explore how we can take this idea further.  As well as containing all essential narrative elements, ‘Diegetic Media’ is a bringing together of the development of all creative content on all platforms that contributes to the whole, that create a world that is more than just one story/platform. The idea was first mooted by Ana at the Women in Games conference in 2008 then expanded in an article in Develop Magazine in January this year.  The Brighton talk will further evolve the idea.

    Update: There is a write-up about what we discussed at platform-online.net.

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  • Savage Moon revealed at Leipzig Games Convention.

    For months now FluffyLogic have been working on a game for Sony’s PlayStation3 and the news is finally out! Announced at the Liepzig games show, this PS3 tower defence strategy game sees you protecting a remote off-world mining facility from a constant attack of ravenous space bugs (the Insectocytes). Armed with an array of upgradable defensive weapons, your mission is to strategically place the weapons, which range from rapid-fire machine guns to an intimidating chaos tower destructing any bugs threatening your base.

    The game released for download from PSN in November and has received a good response from a number of the top game websites:

    ‘This sounds like it could be a very entertaining action/strategy title, and another good one for the Store.’ PSX Extreme

    ‘For those of you that were curious as to what the mysterious Savage Moon would entail, Sony did not disappoint when revealing the game in Leipzig today.’ Playstation Universe

    …and also a good preview on Gamespot. and a video on GameTrailers.

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