• Star Wars: The Battle for Hoth Help Guide

    General Instructions
    This is a help guide for playing Star Wars: The Battle for Hoth on iPhone.  The aim of the game is to protect your base on Hoth, and build up your defences. The Imperial units arrive at one end of the screen (generally the left) and aim to exit at the other side (generally the right).  Each Imperial unit that exits the level will damage your base.  Bigger units cause more damage to your base than smaller ones.  To defend your base you must build Rebel units.  Each unit built costs you Command Points. As your forces destroy waves of Imperial units, you will see Command Point tokens appear.  Collect the tokens for additional Command Points.

    Building Units
    To build, touch the required build icon (1, below) and drag and drop the selected unit onto the playing area (2, below). More units are added to the menu as the game progresses.  The positioning of your units is key to success.  The Imperial units all have zones of fine – areas that the unit can easily target.  The zone of fire depends on the type and range of the unit.  Positioning your units so they can shoot at the enemy while taking minimal damage themselves is a key strategy.

    Build Menu

    Command Points
    Destroying an entire wave releases a Command Point token, simply touch the token to collect. Earn bonus command points by collecting more than one token in a single movement. The bonus increases if you collect three or four or more, but be quick – token values diminish over time.

    Command Tokens = Command Points!

    Power Generators
    All Rebel units, except Soldiers, require power to operate. To supply them with power it is necessary to build Power Generators within range of your combat units. Power Generators supply a fixed amount of power and can supply more units with power as they are upgraded.  However, some units require more power as they are upgraded, so you may also need to upgrade the Power Generators as you upgrade them. Green lights at the bottom of each unit represent its power status. Bright green means the unit has enough power, dark green means the unit does not have enough power.  Units without enough power will not operate until they are supplied with the required power.  When you select a Power Generator the HUD will display lines to indicate which units it is supplying with power.

    Power your towers to win!

    Use trenches to funnel the Imperial Forces into kill-zones. Drag-and-drop the trench icon from the build menu to start a trench, and then touch the screen again to set the end point. A trench will be built between the start and end points, providing that the trench does not pass through high ground or other units, and that you have enough Command Points for each section. Soldiers in trenches gain a defensive bonus, but other Rebel units cannot be placed in trenches. AT-ATs can destroy trenches, but all other Imperial ground units are forced to move around them. However, note that you cannot block the route across the map completely

    Use trenches to funnel the enemy.

    Improve Rebel units by upgrading them. To upgrade, select a unit then select the Upgrade Icon. The cost of the upgrade will then be deducted from your Command Points. Each Rebel unit has 4 levels of upgrade. Depending on the unit, upgrading can increase the range, damage and power needs of a unit.  Selling an upgraded unit refunds half the total Command Points spent on the unit.  Many units have their range improved by upgrading – this is a key tactic to allow your units to shoot the Imperial forces before they can damage your defences.

    Upgrade to increate power of your units.

    Fortress Mode
    As you complete each level, you will unlock the Fortress Mode version. In this mode you only have a set amount of Command Points and will gain no more throughout the level. Can you complete the level with the limited resources available?  In Fortress Mode, the Command Point tokens are replaced with points tokens – collecting these adds points to your final score.  You will need to use different tactics for Fortress Mode; shock-and-awe concentration of fire is recommended.

    Game mode select screen

    Target Priority
    You can command the Target Priority of units. By default units Target Closest to Base (1), Units can also Target Weakest/Strongest first (2) or Flying/Ground-based first (3). This can be done per unit or globally (4).  It is especially useful to set units that can target TIE Fighters to prioritise them over ground units, as they move fast and your forces have less time to attack them.

    Target priority selection menus

    Hints and Tips
    Here are some hints and tips to help you command your forces on Hoth:

    • Placement of units is key; look to see where the Imperial units are moving, build trenches to funnel them and place combat units to shoot at them where they are less able to shoot at you.
    • Protect your better units by placing cheaper units in front of them to act as a screen to soak up Imperial fire.
    • Concentrating your fire is a good strategy as it can kill the Imperial units before they have a chance to return fire.
    • Touch the next wave icon (bottom-left of screen) to see the next unit types that will attack and build your defences appropriately.
    • Build X-wing units on levels with lots of TIE Fighter attacks.
    • Once your units become critically damaged, sell them before they are killed so you can recoup some of the Command Point costs of building them.
    • Ion cannons are great – especially when upgraded – so make use of them!
    • Building long chicanes of trenches is a great way of slowing faster moving units like Speeder Bikes.
    • AT-ATs are large powerful units; but they do have weaknesses; Build Snowspeeder towers and upgrade to level 4 – they are then able to use their tow-cable against the AT-ATs. In addition, place units in their targeting blind-spots during the battle.
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  • Savage Moon: The Hera Campaign – Help Guide

    Savage Moon: The Hera Campaign is now out for your PSP.  Download it from the Sony Store via the PSN.  If you want to know more about the game see here for the Sony US Blog post including trailer or also see the same on the Sony EU Blog.  Thanks

    Savage Moon: The Hera Campaign (named after the Aegophagus or goat eating aspect of the Greek goddess) is set within a huge gathering of Imoons, the Hera Cluster, that drifted into human space.  As well and commanding the forces on the surface of the Imoon itself, the player also controls events for the whole campaign as well as each  individual Imoon mission: choosing which Imoon to concentrate your resources on via the new Tactical Layer interface.

    General Sections of this Help Guide:

    Individual Level Guides:

    Hints & Tips

    Here’s a few pointers that you might find of use if you are struggling with the game or just want to improve your score:

    • Machine Gun Towers & Sniper Towers can attack both ground and air units.
    • Death Blossom Insectocytes evolved to respond to the threats the Imoons has faced.  The towers the Insectocytes have faced the most were the Machine Gun Tower and the Mortar Towers, so they are the ones that trigger the beautiful, but deathly, blossoms.  Whereas, towers like Maser Towers are more recent technologies, so the Insectocytes don’t see them as much of a threat (there is a clue to this in the Tech & Creature Library).
    • Blocking Towers are very useful – they can take lots of punishment.  As well as blocking routes you can build other towers on them.  Another good trick is to use them defensively; when a unit (such as a Tank or Stinger Insectocyte) is attacking you they will tend to target the closest unit.  If you make that unit a Blocking Tower you can protect other more vulnerable ones.
    • Juggle ‘em! You can choose to block a route, forcing the Insectocytes to re-route, then open it again, forcing another re-route.  As they will always go for the shortest route, you can ‘juggle’ them around whilst you pick them off.
    • Combinations of towers work best – a single repair tower is still vulnerable,.  If either the tower itself takes damage, or the damage inflicted on the towers it is protecting increases, it can get overwhelmed.  Amp towers are a great way of boosting the power of groups of towers.
    • Regenerators behave just as they sound; they heal as soon as they take damage.  You need to heap a barrage of fire power down on them to win.  Iron Skin Insectocytes are altogether tougher and immune to non-upgraded towers.
    • Drainers shut-down towers within their range – so you need to upgrade towers to hit them before they get into range.  Using the range option on the Tactical Skills menu really helps with this.
    • Create Kill-zones; these are areas of the Imoon where you concentrate towers, normally with Amp and Repair towers to back them up.  When you can hit the Insectocytes with lots of fire from seveal towers at the same time is a great way to stop them.  Death-Blossoms are the exception to this in that they look for concentrations of towers to attack – however they have bit of a blind spot for Masers and if the towers are spaced out at intervals, won’t register with them so much.
    • The last wave of a mission often contains the most dangerous Insectocytes.  It is worth preparing for them; if you look at the Advance Wave menu it will show you the next waves.  If the last wave’s Insectocytes are ground based, then before they appear – and after the last flying units have been dealt with – sell your Anti-Air Towers and build more attack towers.  If the last wave’s Insectocytes are flying creatures, then before they appear – and after the last ground units have been dealt with – sell any towers that can’t target air units (e.g Mortar Towers or Maser Towers) and build more anti-air attack towers.
    • Tactical Skills; these can give you the edge, so make use of them.  Good places to use them include using the base repair option before you repair your damaged base so it costs less credits and using the range boost when faced with Drainers so they can be destroyed before they can shut-down your towers.
    • Boost your income; As a mission starts the Insectocytes start weak and grow stronger with each new wave.  When you are confident with your gameplay use the credit boost from the Command Skills Menu on the early waves to increase your income.
    • Easy difficulty increases the starting resources and also lowers the Insectocyte’s health and damage.
    • Campaign/Vengeance – Campaign is the main game of 20 levels.  As you complete each level the same level is then unlocked in Vengeance mode.  In this mode the waves of Insectocytes never ends but just gets tougher and tougher – the aim is to see how long you can last!

    A Maser Tower in action...

    Quick Start Guide

    (If you’ve switched the tutorials off in the option menu!)

    Tactical Layer
    This section has been introduced especially for the PSP.  It acts as a level select screen and in campaign mode , it allows you to directly manage the resources you take into battle.  Different Imoons uncover different research strands, for example, capturing the Imoon ‘Ahpuch’ gives you the ability to research Anti-Air technology, whilst victory on ‘Hun-nal-ye’ unlocks development of the new Maser Tower.  The indicator in the bottom left of the screen shows you, as each Imoon is selected, the ratings of overall danger, flying Insectocytes, ranged-weapon  Insecocytes and technology available upon capture.  This helps you guide you, helping you decide which Imoon to assault, in which order and what resources you should assign.

    The Tactical Layer

    Let the Assault Commence…
    Once you have decided on an Imoon to attack you then assign the amount of drop-pods, block-pods and credits they will start each level with.  The two types of pod are the transport used to bring a tower from orbit onto the surface of the Imoon.  You can only build a tower if you have a pod available.  The game recommends an amount for each type (on the right) from the total pool of each resource available (top left and right of the screen).  However, if you choose to attack an Imoon further away from the one/s you have captured there is a loss of resources en-route to that battle.  You will be assigned additional drop-pods throughout the mission as you completes certain waves.  You won’t be assigned any more block-pods, so take all you need in with you at the start.

    Adding resources to a mission...

    Imoon Conflict
    Once the battle starts you need to build towers to stop the Insectocytes getting into your base.  The top left HUD shows you the block-pods/drop pods available.  To build a tower simply press X and the build menu will appear – use the d-pad to select the tower type and press X to exit the menu and then X to build.  The cost will be deducted from your credits (top right of the HUD) and cost you a drop-pod (for most towers) or a block-pod in the case of a blocking tower.  You gain new credits from killing Insectocytes. Select toggles on/off the flying paths that some Insectocytes use.

    To research new technologies press X to bring up the build menu, then up on the d-pad to select the research menu.  Simply select a technology you wish to research – the cost will be deduced – and then a timer bar will appear indicating research is in progress.  Once completed, the tower type is available in the build menu.

    Research Menu

    You can advance waves by pressing X and using the d-pad to navigate to the Advance Wave menu.  When the icon is active – you can advance the wave.  This brings out the next group of Insectocytes.  You get extra points and credits for advancing waves.

    Advance Wave Menu

    Fundamental to the gameplay is the idea of upgrading towers.  All towers (except Blocking Towers) have 5 levels of upgrade.  The first two are always available (except a tiny bit within the tutorial on the first mission), the next stages (3 & 4 then 5) are accessed by researching the technologies.  To upgrade a tower simply select the tower by moving the cursor over it and pressing X, then press X to select the upgrade option.

    Upgrading a tower.

    Other menu options of note are the Command Skills.  These allow you to change the power of your tower’s health, damage and/or the income from killing Insectocytes.  If you increase one the others dip a little, if you increase two of them the remaining one will drop a lot.  These can be changed any time and you are encouraged to use these to nudge the battle in your favour.

    Command Skills

    Also new for PSP is the Tactical Skills menu – unlocked after completing ‘Ekchuah’.  Similar to Command Skills it allows the relative manipulation of the cost of base health, score gained and tower range.

    Tactical Skills

    Post-Battle Results
    If you capture an Imoon you will then be awarded credits, drop-pods and block-pods, depending on how well you did in the battle.  You are always guaranteed to get back at least what you put in if you win.  These resources are added to your pool ready for the next mission.  Once a level has been captured you can replay it as many times as you wish, though the ability to acquire more resources drops off with each replay.  If you fail a mission you will still recover some of the resources you took in with you originally.

    In addition, if you fail in the mission, depending on how the battle went, the emboldened Insectocytes may mount a counter attack in the nebula and re-take another Imoon.  The strength of their forces depends on how badly your forces performed.  So, for example, if fighting for control of the Imoon ‘Kauil’ you lost with around 3000 points then you would loose control of a different  Imoon already captured, say ‘Dzahui’, as well as any technology it had unlocked for you.  You would need to re-capture the lost level by launching another full attack, having to replay the whole level again.  If you had lost with around 15,000 points you would still have to recapture ‘Dzahui’ but the Insectocyte forces are weaker and you would only have to fight off 3 waves of bugs.  If you had lost with about 18,000 points the Insectocytes would not have the resources or courage to attempt to re-capture ‘Dhazui’ and it would stay under your dominion.  With all of these scenarios you would have lost ‘Kauil’ and you would still have to try to capture it again.

    Player has lost an Imoon

    Level 1 – Ahpuch

    This mission is best handled by blocking the short route and the one north-eastern route in to the base area so that the Insecoctyes can only spawn in from the south and have to go down to the bottom of the Imoon and back up – giving the towers lots more time to attack.

    Level 1 - Ahpuch

    Level 2 – Bacab

    A good strategy is to make the Insecoctyes come in from the north-east – this means they are all funnelled in via one main route and you can then line this route with towers to kill them off.  The exception to this is the Flying Soldiers who follow their own route – use Select to toggle on the flying paths and line this with Anti-Air Towers.

    Level 2 - Bacab

    Level 3 – Cizin

    The Insectocytes start in the north western spawn point so block access to the base from that route.  Then to the north of the base concentrate MG Towers and Mortar Towers so they can hit at targets as the make their way to the base.  Use the Blocking Towers to secure access to the base from all approaches except the north.

    Level 3 - Cizin

    Level 4 – Dzahui

    Block the south-most route that connects the spawn areas on the west to the base on the east.  Then create a chicane for the Insectocytes to follow through the centre by then blocking the north route.  Don’t forget to get some Anti-Air towers early on too.  Also the spawn to the south-east is sneaky but not too dangerous, so a blocking tower or two to funnel the Insectocytes into a killing zone is of help.  When the Tank Insectocytes spawn at wave 7, build a blocking tower or two to the west of all the other towers so they focus on these, giving your other towers plenty of time to pummel them.  Use the Command Skills to boost your towers if you are feeling under pressure.

    Level 4 - Dzahui

    Level 5 – Ekchuah

    Block the route to the base from the nearby western spawn point.  Then as the level progresses, build out a line of blocking towers from the base in a roughly north-eastern route to create only one way in – then line the route with towers.  Note that the flying Insectocytes come in early (wave 3) from the north-west nest – so be ready for them and use the same trick as in Dzahui (above) for the Tank Insectocytes.

    Level 5 - Ekchuah

    Level 6 – Fext

    Block the middle and southern routes to the mining base by building Blocking Towers between the two large raised areas just to the east of the base and at the south too.  Then create a killing ground to the north entrance of this route in you’ve just created.  The Tank Insectocytes spawn in early (wave 2) so prepare with a couple of Blocking Towers positioned as the eastern most towers to soak up their shots while you use Mortar Towers to pound them.  As the mission progresses reinforce your position – especially in the centre as when the Gargantuans spawn (wave 6) they often like to try and punch through your defences here.  Put Machine Gun Towers opposite the mining base to hit any Insecoctyes that get though – but not too close, else you’ll block the route in you created for them.  Also use Select to bring up the flying routes and keep Anti-Air Towers on those routes ready.

    Level 6 - Fext

    Level 7 – Gukumatz

    Once the level starts research Anti-Air technology and build Anti-Air Towers on both routes as the first wave is Flying Soldiers.  Wave 3 sees Stingers arrive from the north so use blocking towers built in front of your Anti-Air towers to soak up their fire.  Wave 5 sees Tank Insecoctyes from the south – use the same trick to protect your attack towers again.  On this level the waves can sometimes be close in to the base so don’t hesitate to block all routes to the base, especially for Sprinter Insecoctyes, so delaying them as they try to eat their way through the blockage, giving you more time to blast them.  The last wave has tough Stinger Insecoctyes – so sell any non-anti-air towers just prior to advancing this wave.

    Level 7 - Gukumatz

    Level 8 – Hun-nal-ye

    Early on develop Anti-Air and Blocking Towers.  You are aiming to make sure there is only one way in to the base – the east route in.  Also develop Maser early on and use these as your main attack towers for land-based Insecoctyes as there are lots of Death-Blossom Insecoctyes on this level and they tend not to target these towers as much.  This especially helps with wave 11.  The last wave (12) features tough Stinger Insecoctyes – so sell any non-anti-air towers just prior to advancing this wave.

    Level 8 - Hun-nal-ye

    Level 9 – Ixchel

    This level has no flying enemies – so don’t worry about developing any technology to deal with them.  Develop Blocking technology and block the route into the base from the south – this gives you only one way in – the path going north-east.  Also develop Maser technology early on and use these as the main attack towers on the edges of your skill zones (ready for the Death-Blossoms on wave 7).  When the Tank Insecoctyes come in (wave 4) if you’ve not developed Repair Towers by then use blocking towers built in front of your towers to soak up their fire.  Drainers arrive for the first time on wave 5 so use Mortar Towers and up the range using Tactical Skills to destroy them.  The final wave sees a mixture of strong Sprinters and a tough Drainer, seeking to switch your towers off while the fast units get into the base; develop Amp technology to break though this.

    Level 9 - Ixchel

    Level 10 – Jentil

    Develop Blocking Towers then block the southern-most route into the base (coming from the east) and also block the route directly to the east and west of the base itself.  Flying Swarmers come in from the spawn-pod to the west of the base in wave 2 so be ready for them as it is a short route for them from spawn to base.  Also get ready for Tank Insecoctyes on wave 8 by developing and building Repair Towers (also site them well so they also cover your Anti-Air as there are Stingers on waves 12 and 13!).  By Wave 12 look to develop and deploy Amp towers to and it can get tough so use Command Skills and Tactical Skills to tip the balance.  The last wave is a tough group of Stinger Insecoctyes – so sell any non-anti-air towers just prior to advancing this wave and build more Anti-Air and Repair Towers.

    Level 10 - Jentil

    Level 11 – Kauil

    Block the northern-most route and build up the middle area into a kill zone.  From early on in the mission try to develop Anti-Air and Maser technology – as you face both flying and Death-Blossom Insecoctyes from an early stage (waves 3 and 5 respectively).  Use Masers placed at regular intervals to weaken and kill the Death-Blossoms before the can get to where you’ve clusters other towers by the base as your kill zone.  Don’t block both sides of the middle route to the bugs – as the final level has some pretty tough Soldier Insecoctyes to kill – so pump up the damage done using Command Skills (and the range if using Mortar Towers etc. using Tactical Skills).  If they look like they are going to get though, build a blocking tower on the bottom route so they turn around and go back the other way, then sell it, so they come back – juggle them in this way until your towers finish them off.

    Level 11 - Kauil

    Level 12 – Lubaantun

    Develop Blocking technology and block from the east-side of the base, down in a straight line to the  raised area with the two chimneys.  This forces the Insecoctyes to go round the bottom of it to get to the base.  Build towers on this raised area and make it a kill-zone.  There are lots of waves of regenerators on this level – Insectocytes that heal – so make sure your towers are clustered in groups and have Masers ready for the Death Blossoms on wave 7.  From wave 10 onwards this gets tougher – more Gargantuans and Death Blossoms, so use the Command Skills and Tactical Skills to boost the damage and range of your towers.  The final wave is three very tough regenerator Gargantuans – so sell any anti-air towers and bolster your ground-to-ground defences.

    Level 12 - Lubaantun

    Level 13 – Mextli

    You are aiming to make the Insecoctyes go the long way round to the north and back south to the base when they are directly above it. This also means blocking the middle channel and the southern route to the base.  Develop Masers and have a strong line of of them.  Tank Insecoctyes come in at wave 7 so get ready for them with repair towers (you’ll also need them to protect against a Stingers at wave 11.  Also use lots of repair towers and blocking towers to make sure that the Gargantuans don’t mess up your defensive plans by eating through the middle channel to the base.  The final wave is some very tough Gargantuans – so sell any anti-air towers and bolster your ground-to-ground defences.

    Level 13 - Mextli

    Level 14 – Nohochacyum

    The first wave is Flying Solider – so develop anti-air and upgrade them ready for the regenerator Flying Soldiers that follow.  Then as the waves progress, build a ring of defences around the base so the only entrance for the Insectocytes is to the east.  Build mortar and Maser towers out-lying this defensive formation to weaken the Insecoctyes before they approach the base.  The small mound to the South-East of the map is good for this.  The last wave sees bigger Flying Soldiers and Gargantuans so make sure your defences are ready for them.

    Level 14 - Nohochacyum

    Level 15 – Oxlahuntiku

    Use Blocking Towers to restrict the entry to the base to just one point.  This way you can create a whole route of kill zones.  They flyers spawn in early on in this level (starting at wave 2 and coming in from the western spawn-pod).  When the Tank Insecoctyes spawn in wave 6 if you have not developed rpair towers, use the trick of building some Blocking Towers near their spawn point (the south-east one) to soak up their fire.  There are lots of Iron Skin Insecoctyes on this level so try to upgrade any attack towers you build.  The final wave is three very tough regenerator Gargantuans – so sell any anti-air towers and bolster your ground-to-ground defences.

    Level 15 - Oxlahuntiku

    Level 16 – Patecatl

    Develop Blocking Tower technology and build a line of Blocking Towers to block the western approach to the base.  Then develop Anti-Air technology and mortars and then over the first few waves, build more and more towers to also block the direct approach to the base from the south so that the Insecoctyes have to go round the blockage to enter via the east.  Make this your kill zone.  While the first wave of Flying Soldiers comes from the east, don’t forget to also bolster the defences on the west as later on in the mission flying waves will spawn from there (especially wave 10 which is Stingers and can make a mess of your defences if not planned for!).  Keep bolstering your defences and keep up a mass of fire.

    Level 16 - Patecatl

    Level 17 – Qaholom

    Funnel the Insecoctyes by stopping them getting direct access to the base.  This can be done by blocking the direct north routes to the base and make them go around to the west and then along the north of the Imoon.  Use lots of Anti-Air towers, Machine Gun Towers and Amp towers to make these kill-zones a major obstacle for the Insecoctyes.  This level has some nasty waves of Sprinters so watch out.  The last wave is large Stinger Insecoctyes – so sell any ground-to-ground only attack towers just prior to advancing this wave, and boost your anti-air defences.

    Level 17 - Qaholom

    Level 18 – Rougarou

    A good strategy for this level is to force the Insecoctyes to go the long way round – so block the south and western approaches and force them to march down to the south and around and up the eastern edge of the Imoon and in from the north.  The Tanks Insecoctyes (waves 4 and 12) on this level can cause havoc with your plans so the trick of using Blocking Towers to soak up their fire is a helpful one here.  The last wave see a tough mix of both flying and ground based attackers so use the Command Skills and Tactical Skills to boost your attack towers.

    Level 18 - Rougarou

    Level 19 – Simbi

    A strong method to defeat the Insecoctyes on this Imoon is to use the path to the base that is directly south of it as the main route in and then fill the other paths with towers so there is a strong pool of Anti-Air and Mortar Towers in the middle protected by Masters and Repair Towers.  This can then hit the Insecoctyes as the pass around the blockage on route to the base.  The final level is two Solider and one Tank Insecoctye, so you won’t need the anti-air power you’ve built up after wave 13.

    Level 19 - Simbi

    Level 20 – Tepeu

    The final battle!  A solid strategy is to ensure there is only one entrance to the base – from the east along the southern edge of the Imoon.  This makes all the Insecoctyes (except the flying ones) move clockwise around the map.  This gives lots of places to create kill-zones.  Note that there is only one flying route to the base, however, it is a short path so you need to be hammering them hard as they approach.  This level needs a good mix of towers, but use Masers and repair towers on the outer edges to protect against Death-Blossoms and Machine Gun Towers on the inner edges to stop the waves of Sprinters.  Don’t forget to use the Command Skills and Tactical Skills!

    Level 20 - Tepeu

    Bonus Features & Content
    In addition to unlocking Vengeance mode, each of the 20 levels has two awards that can be achieved; health bonus – for completing a level without taking any damage to the base and score bonus – for completing a level and getting a high score.

    As you encounter each Insectocyte and tower type it is also unlocked in the ‘Tech & Creature Library’ (accessed via the front-end).  This displays a high-res image and accompanying text.  This text often has helpful hints and information in it.

    In addition to the default music there are 4 new unlockable soundtracks by exciting Bristol artists.  These are unlocked by winning 4 Imoons (so completing Ahpuch, Bacab, Cizin & Dzahui for the first set of bonus tracks and so on…).  They are accessed  via the front-end options menu using the d-pad to change between artists.

    Additional Resources
    That you may be interested in…

    Thanks, Tomas – Designer on Savage Moon (follow me and Ana on Twitter)

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