• Savage Moon: Waldgeist – nominated for 55th Ivor Novello Awards!

    We, at FluffyLogic, are really pleased to see that the music for ‘Savage Moon: Waldgeist‘ has been nominated for an Ivor Novello award. The Ivor Novello Awards (aka The Ivors) are named after the Cardiff born entertainer Ivor Novello. The awards are for excellence in music and this is the first year that they have included games and the category Waldgeist has been nominated for is the Best Original Video Game Score.

    The Ivors are a prestigious, worldwide recognition of musical talent and are judged and presented by the music-writing community. Other artists/writers nominated this year include songs performed by Dizzie Rascal, La Roux, Bat for Lashes, Lily Allen and Paolo Nutini.  We asked Armin for a comment and he said, “It has been a great pleasure to create the soundtrack to the Savage Moon series of games on Playstation3 and PSP for FluffyLogic LTD. The thriving Bristol music scene has had a major influence on the music I compose bringing in flavours of dubstep, drum & bass and breakcore. Computer games have generally had quite traditional sounding orchestral soundtracks for a while now, and to be able to bring in more experimental music to the games market has been a real challenge. “

    Parasite Live!As such we’d like to say a huge ‘congratulations’ to the sound designer and composer, Armin Elsaesser (aka Parasite). He is up against some strong competition for the award; Empire: Total War and Killzone 2. Fingers crossed…

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    Update: Sadly Armin did not win, but congratulations to Killzone 2 who did!

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  • Savage Moon Radio Show

    FluffyLogic is pleased to launch the Savage Moon Radio ShowAna, Tom and Parasite (the games’ producer, designer and audio designer, respectively) present the show taking.  It talks about the ideas behind Savage Moon, common questions we have received, favourite aspects of the games as well as playing a selection of music and remixes created  by Parasite and friends.  For more on the various incarnations of Savage Moon see here for our collection of help guides, videos and information.  If you have any questions or feedback please contact us!

    Download Radio Show

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  • Savage Moon Reviews – PS3 to PSP…

    There are quite a few reviews online now for Savage Moon on PS3 and on PSP. We thought we’d collect together a few of our favourite to share with you…

    Playstation3 Reviews:

    Nextgn.com (written by cocomello): “Savage Moon is not for everyone, but if you’re a tower defense fan or you want to try this genre – this is the one to get. It has its value with 12 levels and online leaderboards. There’s no multiplayer, but I don’t see the need for it. It’s got a lot of depth, and is a must download on PSN.” Awarded 88%

    (written by Shak) “Savage Moon shines in the audio department; great enemy sound effects, and a fitting soundtrack really add to the gameplay experience. The graphics are fantastic for a PlayStation Network title; the artistic style of enemies and environments is reminiscent of the movie Starship Troopers….Savage Moon is a fantastic tower defense game, and I personally have no major issues with it.” Awarded 8/10

    Tech-gaming.com (written by DesertEagle) “Upgrading individual weapon turrets or global technology is easily handled by a few instinctive presses on the d-pad. Within minutes, I had felt comfortable with the controls and began testing the effectiveness of my alien killing networks. Fortunately, the game’s learning curve is relatively long tailed; Savage Moon’s focus is on fun rather that frustration.” Awarded B+

    Videogamer.com (written by Wesley Yin-Poole) “Savage Moon won’t be for everyone. It certainly won’t be for anyone who doesn’t first and foremost enjoy the tower defence genre as a whole. It’s great value, offering 12 levels and online leaderboards. … Savage Moon offers a unique and refreshing counterpoint to the cutesy tower defence games the market seems to be flooded with at the moment.” Awarded 8/10

    Playstation Portable Reviews:

    Videogamer.com (written by Wesley Yin-Poole) “The Hera Campaign’s strength lies with the core Tower Defence gameplay. It’s great because it’s easy to learn but hard to master. Your success depends on careful planning, clever strategy and skill adaptation. … The Hera Campaign is a wonderful addition to the portable Tower Defence family, and a perfect fit on the PSP.” Awarded 8/10

    Sanctuary4gamers.com (written by SimbaDoozle) “The lasting appeal for this game is enormous, even when all Imoons are completed, players can change the difficulty and make it more of a challenge for themselves. “Vengeance Mode” has also been added, which in essence is never ending, putting the player to the ultimate test in endurance gaming. This time around, multiplayer is not present, it would be great to have, but fingers crossed it will make an appearance in the next Savage Moon installment. Overall, this game is a steal at only £6.49 and is a credit to the talent at FluffyLogic, definitely a buy.” Awarded 8.8/10

    Junikegamer.com (written by Iain Alexander) “And that’s the beauty of Savage Moon. Just like its PS3 bigger brother it’s a solid and engrossing game which, despite being insanely hard in places (nearly enough to put you off), will keep you occupied for quite some time and give you a good amount of enjoyment in the process. For £6.29 it’s a steal, and if you love it that much you can even pick up free Savage Moon PSP themes on the PSN store. Bargain.” Awarded 4.5/5

    Bone-idle.ie “The game has been specifically made for the PSP rather than just ported and as all ways once its made for the PSP the games turn out very good and this is no exception. … Savage moon the Hera Campaign can be downloaded from the PSN directly to you PSP now for an impressive 7.99 euro this is an absolute bargain I haven’t been able to put this game down Im shattered today as I stayed up until 4 am trying to recapture a moon I has lost only going to sleep after my battery died !!.” Awarded 94%

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