• Twitter: 18,000 messages per minute and growing!

    How do you find a good iphone game?  Feel the pulse of Twitter: FluffyLogic launches TopTweetGames.

    What can be gleaned from the masses of data constantly flowing through Twitter? Content: This is the figure discovered by research at FluffyLogic pertaining to the amount of Tweets generated every minute! If you’ve not heard about Twitter, and we think that is unlikely, it is the micro-blogging site that has gained notoriety recently thanks to its massive rise in popularity, everyone seems to be tweeting. From activists to celebrities, for example, protesters persuaded twitterers to change their location to Iran and even Britney Spears has joined in with almost 4 million followers. Twitter itself has around 18 million users, and while this is still small next to Facebook with it’s 250 million users, the site has been growing by hundreds of percent each year since it began in 2006.

    FluffyLogic’s research shows that together, those 18 million users, create about 18,000 messages per minute, and the number is growing. But why would anybody be interested in millions of people telling us what they had for breakfast? “Twitter represents the pulse of everyday life, even if we’re not tweeting there is bound to be someday like us who shares our concerns, who is: whose cares and woes, loves and fears are not going to be a million miles from our own,” Says FluffyLogic’s CEO Ana Kronschnabl. FluffyLogic’s belief in the usefulness of Twitter was confirmed recently; “We had developed a game, and on launch we were monitoring Twitter to see it’s impact. Unfortunately, there was a problem with the install for some users. We were able to pick that up almost instantly and start contacting people with a solution, even before they’d contacted anyone to report the problem,” recalls Tomas Rawlings, FluffyLogic’s development director, “Twitter offers access to the world’s pulse – if you know how to engage with it.”

    Both Ana and Tomas twitter and think the service is only at the brink of its potential, “Whilst we expect the rate of growth to slow a little, it is likely Twitter will continue to experience impressive growth over 2010. The openness of the system to developers like ourselves means there is the promise of even more innovation as we come to understand how to interpret the constant, increasing stream of data conciousness that flows through Twitter.” says Ana.

    FluffyLogic have released a free White Paper looking further into these issues.  FluffyLogic’s system for finding what iPhone games Twitter users are buzzing about is available as a free app for your iPhone and from http://www.toptweets.mobi/

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  • Feel the pulse of Twitter: FluffyLogic launches TopTweetGames

    How do you find a good iphone game? Feel the pulse of Twitter: FluffyLogic launches TopTweetGames.

    How do you find a good game for your iPhone?  A familiar problem; how do we find the information we need out of all the irrelevant noise out there? There are over 100,000 apps available for the iPhone and there are ten-of-thousands of games amongst them.  You can use the existing methods listed on the iPhone; the top sellers, the top rated etc. but these tend to pick and reinforce the same few names.  What if you want a recommendation; a real opinion?  We suggest Twitter.  However, if you put ‘iPhone’ into Twitter you are deluged with data.  Far too much data to ever make sense of it.  FluffyLogic has built ‘TopTweetGames’ to do just that – to deal with this data overload.  Their system takes the raw Twitter feed, searches it for people tweeting about their favourite iPhone games and creates a chart based on the tweet buzz generated.  The chart changes constantly, delivering the ongoing stream of live data in an easy to read, accessible and useful way.

    FluffyLogic’s Ana Kronschnabl said, “This is an exciting bit of technology – the raw twitter feed is a bit like staring into the Matrix – it is an information overload!  Yet, buried within that data are nuggets of useful information; opinions from gamers about the games they love and why.  This system allows us to make sense of all of this information, to see the people and the buzz being generated.”

    The system is based on FluffyLogic’s own TopTweets system – technology developed in-house to gather any form of data from Twitter.  FluffyLogic’s Ana Kronschnabl said, “We are currently using the TopTweets system to gather data about games because we develop and love games, but we also have plans to use this technology to gather data on other topics.  Twitter is a great way of listening in, it is like putting your ear to the door of the current zeit geist.  A useful ability for anyone wanting to know what is being said and why.”

    TopTweetGames is available as a website at http://www.toptweets.mobi and a free App download from the App Store.

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