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2000 kVA dry type transformer: working principle, characteristics, and application guide


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A 2000 kVA dry-type transformer is a device that changes the AC voltage through the principle of electromagnetic induction. Its core components include primary and secondary coils as well as iron cores. When the current flows in the primary coil, a magnetic field is generated, which spawns a voltage in the secondary coil; due to special insulation materials, the transformer will not encounter problems such as oil leakage during operation, thereby improving safety and stability.

2000 kva dry type transformer (1)

(2000 kva dry type transformer)

The characteristics and advantages of a 2000 kVA dry-type transformer

1. High safety: Dry-type transformers do not use oil as an insulation medium, avoiding the fire risk caused by oil leakage.

2. Long lifespan: Due to their simple internal structure and low susceptibility to moisture, dry-type transformers typically have a longer lifespan than oil-immersed transformers.

3. Easy maintenance: Due to the lack of oil, dry-type transformers do not require regular oil replacement or filtration, resulting in lower maintenance costs.

4. Efficiency and energy-saving: Advanced production processes enable dry-type transformers to consume less energy, which helps save energy.

5. Strong adaptability: Dry-type transformers can adapt to rough environments, such as high temperature, low temperature, humidity, etc.

Application areas of 2000 kVA dry-type transformer

1. Industrial field: In industrial places such as factories and power stations, 2000 kVA dry-type transformers are important, providing a stable and reliable power supply for various production equipment.

2. Electric vehicle charging facilities: With the rapid development of the electric vehicle market, the application of dry-type transformers in the field of charging piles is becoming increasingly widespread, providing safe charging services for electric vehicles.

3. Medical facilities: In the medical field, dry-type transformers are often used in power supply systems for critical locations such as operating rooms and ICUs due to their safety and reliability.

4. Public facilities: In public facilities such as airports, subways, and high-rise buildings, 2000 kVA dry-type transformers provide efficient and safe power solutions.

2000 kva dry type transformer (2)

(2000 kva dry type transformer)

Precautions for selecting and maintaining 2000 kVA dry-type transformers

1. Choose the appropriate model: Choose the appropriate model and specifications according to actual needs, ensuring that the capacity of the transformer matches the load.

2. Consider environmental factors: Considering the characteristics of the application environment, such as temperature, humidity, dust, etc., choose a dry-type transformer that can adapt to these conditions.

3. Maintenance and upkeep: Regularly check the operation status of the transformer, such as temperature, sound, etc., to ensure its normal operation. At the same time, keep the transformer clean and avoid the influence of dust and debris.

4. Preventive maintenance: Adopting a preventive maintenance strategy, conducting necessary inspections and maintenance work regularly to ensure transformers' service life and stability.

2000 kva dry type transformer (3)

(2000 kva dry type transformer)


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