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Application of foam concrete and animal protein foaming agent cellular lightweight concrete brick

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Applications of foam concrete

As a result of its good attributes, foam concrete is widely utilized in energy-saving wall surface materials and has actually additionally been utilized in various other facets. Today, the major applications of foam concrete in my country are cast-in-place foam concrete insulation layers for roofs, foam concrete face obstructs, foam concrete, light-weight wall surface panels, and foam concrete payment structures. Nonetheless, making complete use of the excellent attributes of foam concrete can continually expand its application areas in building and construction projects, accelerate job development, and enhance project high quality, as adheres to:

1. It will change foam plastic and end up being the largest thermal insulation product in structure insulation.

Foam concrete is inexpensive and has easily available resources. It can be swiftly cast in position and made into various items. At the very same time, it has fire resistance, audio insulation, quake resistance, and climate resistance. It is the very best option to replace foam plastics. Appropriate products.

2. Foam concrete cast-in-place wall surface

The main part of building insulation is the exterior wall surface, and the almost all of structure audio insulation is the interior wall surface. Foam concrete can be used for cast-in-place exterior walls to attain self-insulation and self-absorption. It has benefits in both exterior and interior wall surface applications.

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3. Foam concrete exterior wall insulation board

Foam concrete outside wall insulation board refers to an insulation board fixed on the exterior wall surface by pasting or dry-hanging technology. Since this kind of insulation board has been effectively made use of in Sichuan, Gansu, Shanghai, Zhejiang, and other locations, it prepares to replace the foamed polystyrene board for outside wall surface insulation slim plastering system or outside wall interior insulation slim gluing system.

4. Foam concrete exterior wall surface self-insulating wall surface panels

This type of wall surface panel includes foam concrete composite wall surface panels with an encountering layer or protective layer on one side and foam concrete sandwich wall surface panels with a facing layer or protective layer on both sides. This type of wall panel can realize self-insulation of the outside wall surface. It does not require additional insulation treatment after installation and has outstanding fire defense, resilience, and audio insulation homes.

5. Foam concrete integrated housing

Integrated housing is a worldwide growth pattern, and foam concrete self-insulating integrated housing is a growth hotspot. Nowadays, numerous residential companies are concentrating on developing this type of self-insulated prefabricated homes.


6. Foam concrete blocks, ceramsite blocks, and autoclaved blocks

Foam concrete blocks have constantly been the initial key product that all celebrations in China like. At present, domestic ventures have actually transformed to the research and development of ceramsite foam concrete blocks and autoclaved foam concrete obstructs. These two kinds of building blocks are the instructions of development. The majority of international companies utilize autoclaving. The former Soviet Union utilized the natural treating process in the 1930s. As a result of low stamina, inadequate frost resistance, and huge drying out contraction, it transformed to the autoclaving procedure in the 1940s. Ceramsite foam cinder block are a technology in our country with advanced innovation and need to be strongly established.

There are more than 20 features of foam concrete that have actually been discovered so far, and a great deal of its applications are still in civil applications. Among them, one of the most appealing one in the future will be its use in building sound absorption and insulation. The author predicts that it will come to be the brand-new sound-absorbing product with one of the most advancement potential. In addition, it has wide application potential customers in the areas of fireproof insulation, filtration, impermeability and waterproofing, and light-weight decorative materials. As the numerous features of foam concrete are found, its application as a useful product will certainly be exceptionally eye-catching.

The application of pet healthy protein frothing agents in foam concrete

In the preparation procedure of foam concrete, an animal healthy protein frothing representative is mixed with water and cationic surfactant and foamed via a frothing representative machine or high-speed mixer. These foams are then injected right into a concrete slurry and mixed to prepare a foamed cement slurry. The benefit of this preparation approach is that the cast-in-place concrete it creates is not only light-weight, high-strength, and fireproof yet also does not call for autoclaved treating and can be developed by casting in position, which has significant energy-saving impacts.

The application of pet protein frothing representatives plays a crucial duty in boosting the efficiency of foam concrete. First, it assists boost the volume of concrete and lower its thickness, therefore attaining a light-weight impact. Second of all, the use of frothing representatives can boost the thermal insulation performance of concrete and enhance the power effectiveness of buildings. In addition, animal protein lathering agents can additionally boost the stamina and resilience of concrete and expand the service life of buildings.

(animal protein foaming agent)

However, the application of animal healthy protein frothing agents also requires focus to some problems. For instance, various kinds of animal protein foaming agents might have various effects on the efficiency of concrete, so it is required to select the proper frothing representative according to the details application circumstance. In addition, the quantity of frothing representative likewise needs to be strictly regulated. Way too much or insufficient might influence the high quality and efficiency of the concrete.


TRUNNANO is a provider of pet prorein frothing agent with over 12 years experience in nano-building power conservation and nanotechnology development. It accepts payment by means of Bank card, T/T, West Union and Paypal. Trunnano will ship the goods to consumers overseas via FedEx, DHL, by air, or by sea. If you are searching for top notch spherical silica powder, please do not hesitate to contact us and send out a questions.



TRUNNANO is a supplier of cellular lightweight concrete brick with over 12 years experience in nano-building energy conservation and nanotechnology development. It accepts payment via Credit Card, T/T, West Union and Paypal. Trunnano will ship the goods to customers overseas through FedEx, DHL, by air, or by sea. If you are looking for high-quality spherical silica powder, please feel free to contact us and send an inquiry.

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