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Maybe you need concrete foaming agent for building curtain wall


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Architectural decoration refers to various treatments on the internal and external surfaces and spaces through decorative materials or decorations. The function is to safeguard the primary structure of the building, improve the physical efficiency and use functions of the structure, and beautify the structure. The building decoration sector is among the essential components of the building market. It is listed as the 3 major components of the building and construction industry in addition to the housing and civil design building industry and the building and setup sector. Based on the nature of use, the building decoration industry can be divided into three categories: public, residential, and curtain wall decoration.

concrete foaming agent 

Unlike the civil construction industry, equipment installation industry and other engineering businesses that are completed once, the demand for architectural decoration runs through the entire life cycle of the building. After the building is completed, users may still carry out architectural decoration projects during use.

Among them, a curtain wall is a non-load-bearing external covering on the periphery of a building, where the exterior wall is non-structural. Since the drape wall surface area is non-structural, it can be made from lightweight materials, such as glass, potentially minimizing building and construction prices. Another advantage of glass is that natural light can penetrate deep into the building. The curtain wall facade does not bear any structural load of the building except its weight. The wall is the primary building framework. After that, lateral wind lots happen through links at constructing floorings or columns. Drape walls are designed to resist air and water infiltration, soak up guide brought on by wind and seismic pressures acting on the building, withstand wind loads and support its weight.

concrete foaming agent 

Curtain walls can be designed as an integrated “system” of framing, wall panels and weatherproofing materials. Steel frames have largely given way to aluminum profiles, often filled with glass, which provides benefits such as a handsome architectural appearance and daylighting. However, when large amounts of glass infill are used, the impact of light on visual comfort and the temperature generated by solar exposure in the building is more difficult to control. Common curtain wall materials include stone veneers, metal panels, louvers, and operable windows or vents.

The curtain wall design spans multiple floors. In addition to considering design requirements such as thermal expansion and contraction, it also considers the swing and movement of the building, seismic requirements, water diversion, and thermal efficiency.

Application of concrete foaming agent in building curtain walls

Curtain wall windows built into the opening require a foaming agent. This is because the foaming agent aims to seal, fill, insulate, heat insulate, soundproof, delay rainwater infiltration, and help interior construction.


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